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Monday, May 24, 2010

four steps to increase website Traffic on.........

If you are a businessperson and have website, you surely would like to make more money. In simple words, you would definitely like to see your profit margin go up and up. One of the best ways to achieve this goal is to ensure that the number of web surfers visiting your site increases. The main reason for this is that the visitors can turn into potential customers for your products and services. How can you increase the website traffic? Here are some useful guidelines:
1. Tie-up for Cross-links: One of the best and most effective concepts is of providing cross-links. Make agreements with some of the popular websites that feature different advertisements. Tie-up with some websites whereby you take ads of that website and that site reciprocates in the same manner. As a result, any web surfer goes to one site, is most likely to click on the other site, too. This can surely increase the web traffic to your site.
2. Traffic Switch Over: This is similar to agreeing for cross-links: However, you need to go one level up in this method. It essentially means that you can allow switchover or exchange of content onyour site to the other with whom you have entered into an agreement. This way it creates a win-win situation for both the site owners. Web surfers to one site will view different pages and eventually decide to click on the link to the other site and thereby try to collect more information about products and services offered.
3. Join online Forums and Groups: Try to join a large number of online forums and online communities. You can do so without any payment. You can join online forums by just providing your name and address and some basic information. There are many sites that offer opportunity to discuss business issues. Craigslist is one such useful website. One of the most useful and effective significance of these forums and online communities is that you can focus your attention target on a specific group that can bring you the expected results. Try to find out and discuss more about the products and services that you want to offer. When you are prepared to explore and learn about the demands and needs of potential customers foryour products and services, you are mentally preparing yourself for the foreseeable success. When you understand the requirements and expectations of your would-be and even existing customers, you have covered half of the distance to reach your target. This is because satisfying the customers’ needs is now within your control and reach. When you are able to discuss about your products and services, you have the greatest opportunity to build immaculate image for you and your company. At the same time, you will be able to enhance customer loyalty for your products and services. By joining and interacting through on online forums and online communities, you are most likely to increase web traffic to your site. Of course, this will be a slow and steady process.
4. Start a Newsletter: Try to keep a newsletter on your website. You can keep the newsletter schedule as weekly or fortnightly. Select the topics that customers are interested in and keep the latest and best information on it in the newsletter. Keep on updating it at every stage so that web surfers will come for the useful information to your website frequently. This is one of the best and practical ways to increase web traffic to your site.
So, try to follow these 4 steps to raise website traffic. It will boost the sale of your products and services and simultaneously increase your profit margin, too.

Automatic Directory Submission is Easy!

Directory submission is an effective method used by webmasters to get their websites indexed with the search engines. They are also useful for targeted traffic if used properly. Directory submission involves getting the link to your website listed in what are known as article directories—much like a phone book for the internet. In order to be effective for indexing and getting traffic, you need to do many submissions to the directories and this is why you need to automate this process with software, scripts or web services.
Automatic directory submission can increase the back links of your site quickly, which means search engine rankings too. Remember that when a search engine see a huge number of links pointing to a website, it gives an indication that the site is popular and important in its niche. Websites like these rank much higher than others of the back links.
There are submission software and scripts can take care of the work for you when doing submissions to directories. This is very important and save you time when offering this service to your clients or do it yourself. Everyone knows that the search engines like to index unique contents and usually give better rankings to those who has more words on the page if two pages are similar.
Pingbacks and trackbacks are useful for getting your website indexed quickly and also build links to it. Pingbacks and trackbacks are used when a blogger make a posts on his/her blog, but this can be used on normal websites too. You just have to use a website service online to do this. Yes it’s time consuming but it’s worth it after all. The purpose of doing this is to make your website more popular and pickup by the search engines quickly without being too obvious. You must use this with care, because over-use can cause negative effects on your website.
There are many company that offer directory submission free of charge with their website design service and you might want to check them out if you are planning to hire one to build your website. The cost is usually low and will save you the time of learning to doing the task yourself. So if you are planning to do the submission once then it’s probably wise to hire a professional to do it for you.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Web 2.0 is Making the Web Design Industry More Competitive?

Wikis, Social Media, Tweeting, Flash and Silverlight….where does it end? Welcome to the ever evolving world of web design, where web designers are faced with the daunting task of learning new technologies on a regular basis. Does this make the job of professional website design companies harder? It sure does, but thanks to automated scripting and code reuse, it doesn’t have to be.
Smart web design companies are the ones that simplify their design processes and spend less time on re-writing the code. Given the complexities and varying technologies available to web designers, it is important to have a plan in place on how to use these technologies, and even when not to use them. But regardless of the need to use them, a web design company has to have the know-how and experience in employing any or all of these technologies. Making a company guide to let everyone in the team to follow is a good way to ensure consistence and speedy service.
Depending on how experienced a design firm is, they can choose to make it hard for themselves when designing for the web. It all goes back to what you agree with your clients, and meeting their expectations. Agreeing to some unrealistic expectation will make the job harder, requiring more time, and most likely resulting in a bad investment of overall resources.
Individual or freelance designers have a steeper hill to climb, as they are under pressure to learn more and more new web technologies and languages. But a smart designer will be able to apply what he has already learnt and use it to learn something new. All while still being able to meet existing clients’ project deadlines.
Web design and programming continue to evolve, and while learning them may not be the challenge, trying to make full use of them is. By doing their research and learning the new technologies, web designers can make their transition a smoother one.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What is Reverse Phone Lookup?

Are you aware of the term “Reverse Phone Lookup”? I too heard about it today only. One of my friends told me about Reverse Phone Lookup, and I was really surprised to know the importance of this term.
This term Reverse Phone Lookup is used with respect to finding the contact details of a phone number, weather it is a landline number or a cell phone number. If you want to find the address of the owner and his location, then you can search it in the white pages or telephone directory. In case if the details for which you are looking for is not listed in any white pages or telephone directory then what will you do?
In this case, you will need the services of a Reverse Phone Lookup. In it, you will get the access to the database of the various mobile operators along with the telephone companies. The companies actually combine multiple information’s and return back the desired result to you, that too for a nominal fee.
Reverse Phone Lookup service provides the detailed database of the subscribers, which is actually a combination of the numbers of cell phones and landline numbers along with some unlisted numbers too. Thus user who purchases the Reverse Phone Lookup service can easily get the desired contact details and the location of the phone number.
As this service is provided by the phone companies which are actually bounded by some agreement which actually stops them to disclose the numbers detail for free, thus they provide the service for some fee only. They usually ask you to register and then only you can use the facility of reverse phone lookup. You can register from either your paypal account or through your valid credit card. This way they deduct the fee at the time of registration only.
This service is really good for those who want to get the details of the phone numbers, and since this is a paid service so there are less chance of the misuse of the service.

WSJ Commented on Barnes & Noble ‘Nook’ e-reader!

It is not official yet, but there are speculations that Barnes & Noble ‘Nook’ e-reader has been glimpsed by the Wall Street Journal! Yes it is true.
If you want to know more about, then read on. I may not be able to provide the exact information, but from the current news pieces that are floating in the air, this Barnes & Noble ‘Nook’ e-reader would be available for $259 and is decked with an advanced color touch screen.
It seems that the WSJ has acquainted itself with the upcoming ad for Barnes & Noble’s impending announcement. The ad is all about “Nook” e-reader and the device will allow the users to “lend e-books to friends,” that is what the article says!
Again I am not conforming the news as no official confirmation has come from the firm as yet. My readers have to stay tuned for any further updates. Cheers

Thursday, May 6, 2010

ASUS Announces the Launch of Eee Keyboard PC

Finally ASUS came with an official announcement regarding the launch of its Eee Keyboard PC that allows the user to link it to HD television, external monitor or projector.

The heart of the device is an Intel Atom N270 processor with 1gigabyte of DDR2 memory. ASUS' new gadget is lightweight, weighting just 2.4 pounds and finished in aluminum. Its underside is UV-coated, with makes it more solid.