Monday, May 24, 2010

Automatic Directory Submission is Easy!

Directory submission is an effective method used by webmasters to get their websites indexed with the search engines. They are also useful for targeted traffic if used properly. Directory submission involves getting the link to your website listed in what are known as article directories—much like a phone book for the internet. In order to be effective for indexing and getting traffic, you need to do many submissions to the directories and this is why you need to automate this process with software, scripts or web services.
Automatic directory submission can increase the back links of your site quickly, which means search engine rankings too. Remember that when a search engine see a huge number of links pointing to a website, it gives an indication that the site is popular and important in its niche. Websites like these rank much higher than others of the back links.
There are submission software and scripts can take care of the work for you when doing submissions to directories. This is very important and save you time when offering this service to your clients or do it yourself. Everyone knows that the search engines like to index unique contents and usually give better rankings to those who has more words on the page if two pages are similar.
Pingbacks and trackbacks are useful for getting your website indexed quickly and also build links to it. Pingbacks and trackbacks are used when a blogger make a posts on his/her blog, but this can be used on normal websites too. You just have to use a website service online to do this. Yes it’s time consuming but it’s worth it after all. The purpose of doing this is to make your website more popular and pickup by the search engines quickly without being too obvious. You must use this with care, because over-use can cause negative effects on your website.
There are many company that offer directory submission free of charge with their website design service and you might want to check them out if you are planning to hire one to build your website. The cost is usually low and will save you the time of learning to doing the task yourself. So if you are planning to do the submission once then it’s probably wise to hire a professional to do it for you.