Friday, May 21, 2010

Web 2.0 is Making the Web Design Industry More Competitive?

Wikis, Social Media, Tweeting, Flash and Silverlight….where does it end? Welcome to the ever evolving world of web design, where web designers are faced with the daunting task of learning new technologies on a regular basis. Does this make the job of professional website design companies harder? It sure does, but thanks to automated scripting and code reuse, it doesn’t have to be.
Smart web design companies are the ones that simplify their design processes and spend less time on re-writing the code. Given the complexities and varying technologies available to web designers, it is important to have a plan in place on how to use these technologies, and even when not to use them. But regardless of the need to use them, a web design company has to have the know-how and experience in employing any or all of these technologies. Making a company guide to let everyone in the team to follow is a good way to ensure consistence and speedy service.
Depending on how experienced a design firm is, they can choose to make it hard for themselves when designing for the web. It all goes back to what you agree with your clients, and meeting their expectations. Agreeing to some unrealistic expectation will make the job harder, requiring more time, and most likely resulting in a bad investment of overall resources.
Individual or freelance designers have a steeper hill to climb, as they are under pressure to learn more and more new web technologies and languages. But a smart designer will be able to apply what he has already learnt and use it to learn something new. All while still being able to meet existing clients’ project deadlines.
Web design and programming continue to evolve, and while learning them may not be the challenge, trying to make full use of them is. By doing their research and learning the new technologies, web designers can make their transition a smoother one.

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