Tuesday, May 18, 2010

WSJ Commented on Barnes & Noble ‘Nook’ e-reader!

It is not official yet, but there are speculations that Barnes & Noble ‘Nook’ e-reader has been glimpsed by the Wall Street Journal! Yes it is true.
If you want to know more about, then read on. I may not be able to provide the exact information, but from the current news pieces that are floating in the air, this Barnes & Noble ‘Nook’ e-reader would be available for $259 and is decked with an advanced color touch screen.
It seems that the WSJ has acquainted itself with the upcoming ad for Barnes & Noble’s impending announcement. The ad is all about “Nook” e-reader and the device will allow the users to “lend e-books to friends,” that is what the article says!
Again I am not conforming the news as no official confirmation has come from the firm as yet. My readers have to stay tuned for any further updates. Cheers

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