Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Google Voice – What’s New

The Google team is happy to announce a new Google Voice Lite version that gives its users the choice to get Google Voice with your already present mobile number OR with a Google number. According to Craig Walker, Vincent Paquet & Pierre Lebeau, who are the product managers in Google, if the users would sign up using the already present number, they will not get various Google voice’s features. So just go at this link to know more: (

According to the Google Voice Blog, if the users are signing with the already existing numbers, then they would get various features like Online, searchable voicemail, automated voicemail transcription which is actually free of cost and the users don’t have to pay anything, you will notifications through messages and E-mails, and the international calls would cost low. On the other hand, if the users are planning to get the new number, you will be given extra features like call screening, listen in, call blocking and recording, including more.

Check out the Video:

Google always comes out with new and exciting features every single time. Just check out the new features offered by the Google team and try out the different options offered by the Search Engine Giant for all its users!

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