Saturday, February 27, 2010

Placeblogger Does Antarctica

YES! Placeblogger’s Add a Placeblog feature is up and running again – prepare for the flood of new and wonderful placeblogs! We have uploaded somewhere in the ballpark of 50 placeblogs. Go check out entries on Haiti, St. Louis, Springfield (MA), Corpus Christi, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, Detroit, and Antarctica. (More on the fun of hunting Antarctic blogs in just a sec.) Come back soon for updated entries on Buffalo, Topeka, South Africa and more!

Antarctic blogs. Whew! Tough searching, but good stuff. The Great White Continent lends itself to some fantastic photographs and its extreme conditions (great for research!) draw some of the world's most intelligent and interesting minds. Unfortunately, the catch is that, while beautifully maintained during research, many blogs drop off after the scientist in question has completed his mission. In the quest to keep y’all well-updated, I am afraid I discarded some lovely blogs – but never fear! We’ve got blogs from meteorologists, biologists, zoologists, and historians. We’ve got blogs from ships plowing through frozen seas! We found photos of whales and LOTS of penguins! Check it out!

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